1. Who is a Virtual Assistant?

    A: Virtual Assistant’s or VAs are individuals, employed with Virtual Assistance service providing companies. These VAs are your remote employees and are capable of executing all tasks that can be outsourced, by using the best of current and emerging technologies. Infact, It’s a fabulous way of working, for mid-sized companies or busy professionals who need ongoing, collaborative administrative assistance.

  2. Why would I hire VA who is far away and not under my direct supervision?

    A: Vas brings to the table a lot of benefits. You don’t have to share space, don’t have to buy equipment for employee, and don’t have to bear any direct expenses associated with hiring an employee. AssistantOnline.co will look into all of this plus all Vas report to a Team Lead and are ably guided by Team Managers who supervise, control, motivate and get tasks executed.

  3. Why do I choose AssistantOnline.co instead of opting for a local VA service or a freelancer?

    A: AssistantOnline.co trained Vas are the best in the business in India.Experience, Enthusiasm & Creative fresh minds are the driving force of AssistantOnline.co. We are the quickest Virtual Assistant services of its kind and a dynamic Learning organization, willing to accept changes, challenges & strive endlessly to make our clients happy. Freelancers might have an edge in pricing but they cannot guarantee you continuity, supervision or quality. Quality assurance is a part of our company’s vision and mission statement.

  4. What is your recruitment process?

    A: We select only the best candidates in our team. Each candidate has to go through an aptitude/logic/language test followed by a technical round. Second round involves interview with our HR team if successful the candidate is then interviewed by the Operations team. Before final selection we do a thorough background verification which also involves speaking with previous organizations that the candidate had worked. We only recruit Virtual Assistants that meet our high standards with good organizational, technical skill, right experience and attention to detail with a positive attitude.

  5. How do I interact with my VA?

    A: We would like to follow the most feasible communication option that you may suggest. Majority of our clients communicate through email or upload the tasks in Dropbox. Our VAs are always online to chat via instant messenger or Skype. If you choose to directly call your assistant you can do so as our VAs are assigned US and UK phone numbers.

  6. What if I’m not happy with my Virtual Assistant?

    A: We are committed to client satisfaction and will do everything to ensure to make our clients happy. Our Team Lead’s will understand and solve your issues and place controls so the issues do not reoccur. The Vas could also be replaced if you wish

  7. What is the role of the Team Lead?

    A: Our Team Lead handles a team of 8 to 10 VAs and monitors the tasks done minutely. Team Lead will ensure the tasks are executed as per you liking. They are readily available to solve any issues that are encountered. Since we believe in long term association the Team Lead will do everything to make it work.

  8. How secure is my data?

    A: Security and confidentiality of all our clients and their businesses are of utmost importance to us. We have an internal Auditor responsible to do checks and supervise that all client data is safe and secure. We have our employees sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement at the time of recruitment. For more details please browse through our Data Protection Policy.

  9. Is there a confidentiality agreement?

    A: AssistantOnline.co enters into a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before the start of the process, It provides protection for both parties.

  10. Do you accept credit cards?

    A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal

  11. What is the refund policy?

    A: AssistantOnline.co motto is happy customers and will do everything to make it work, if not then the fees will be refunded