How To Make Your Virtual Assistant Be More Productive


A virtual assistant is an online employee who supports various business operations from a remote location. Yes, a virtual assistant (VA) will definitely give you productive results provided you apply the tips that I am about to share.

Our Virtual Assistants at AssistantOnline are trained and experienced, they can do multiple tasks and are definitely a value add for any client. Our studies have show there is a always some teething issues when you hire and start delegating your tasks to your VA.

  • Find the right fit for your tasks. Interview a couple of VA’s before finalizing your assistant. Ask question and ascertain if the intelligence and skill set is matching your requirements.
  • Hire the right fit and set clear goals and deadlines. Keep your expectations measurable, set small measurable goals, if it cannot be measured try and chalk out a way to tab performance.
  • Best results are achieved if an employee feels part of the team. Make him feel like one, explain to them the bigger picture and what is in it for them. You will see productivity reach a new level.
  • Getting to know more about the VA will definitely help. Understand his attitude, likes and dislikes, understand in which emotion they are more productive and then motivate accordingly.
  • Communicate with them. Encourage them to ask questions, answer queries, set expectations, listen to them. This is the most valuable tool which will give guaranteed results. All humans like to be heard but keep your word final.
  • Give them the right equipment don’t give them reasons to slack. Empower them with all software or material required to complete the tasks.
  • Ask for daily reports or hours that they have put in at the end of each day. Have a review call once a week or as required to ensure that they are meeting up on accuracy or productivity.
  • Last but not the least Appreciate them on their good work

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” – Paul Mever


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