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#1 audio video transcription services is the reputation that we have earned for a long time now. We realized customer’s agony in finding a high quality and reliable transcription service. We built our company AssistantOnline to deliver absolutely the best quality work to our clients through our commitment to integrity, expertise and transparency.

We accept all audio and video formats for transcription in mp3, mp4, wmv, m4a, mov, avi, wma, wav, etc. All links to streaming video and audio available online are also accepted. AssistantOnline transcription service guarantees an accuracy of 99%  for audio/video files that are clearly audible. We lay a lot of emphasis on quality and hire only the best transcription professional.

Confidentiality and data protection is a big ticket item for us and we ensure that all your files and data are secure and protected from unauthorized access. All of our professionals sign a NDA at the time of hiring.

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Exceptional typing skills, a keen ear, an eye for detail, and an excellent grasp of the language, we have it all.

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